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Thank you to all the artists who've kept me alive and sane throughout the years. No words could ever convey my gratitude.

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Luna Sea’s new album teaser is finally up - 6 days before the album releases. Better late than never, right? 

They’ve also got an official Tumblr now…follow follow follow!


Dir en grey just wrapped up their U.S. tour with a finale at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. LA music publication High Voltage Magazine sat down with Kaoru in an exclusive interview and got this cute clip of him doing a brief shoutout on camera to all the fans - if you like this, stay tuned tomorrow for the actual interview!

Fox Theater - Pomona, CA
October 25, 2013

Light, like the flutter of wings,
feel your hollow voice rushing
Into me, as you’re longing to sing
So I, I will paint you in silver,
I will wrap you in cold
I will lift up your voice as, I sink…

“These are the words that shook the very rafters of the Fox Theater that night. It was a promise from the band to their fans…” ( Read more )